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Happy Client Testimonials

"For the past few years I have been trying to figure out how to get some online offerings and I've tried a few different things, worked with different people but none seemed to be the right fit to help me create something that looks professional, personal, and really encapsulates the message we're trying to share. When I discovered She's in Business and Kate's work, I kind of followed it for a while thinking this is amazing I really want to do it so I asked her a question and had this amazing conversation immediately."

Suzanne Davis

Founder of Love Yoga Studios

"I’ve been in this community since the beginning of January and I love it! Highly recommend checking it out! And I have been in business for 6 years now, so I have used a lot of different platforms. Also, there is a part of me that’s been craving community and a genuine connection, this is EXACTLY how I’ve felt since joining SIB. Thank you thank you thank you!"

Sarah Michelle

Intimacy Coach and Founder of Happiness in Heels Love

"I am so excited to be here. A Facebook Ad caught my attention and the SIB platform & community looked like exactly what I’ve been dreaming of 🥰 I’m looking forward to streamlining some of my processes and adding membership & course options with the SIB platform. SIB Team, thanks for creating this space! ♥️"

Sara Gatwood

Founder and Owner of Event Planning Support


Happy Client Testimonials

"Within my first 60 days of joining the SIB platform, I launched two landing pages to house assets for my new course members!"

April Hurst

Business Coach, Online Marketer, Speaker, and Writer of Woman on Fire

"I feel the universe is answering my request for help in getting my biz on track in the sales, tech, and marketing department! Finding SIB was a big step…part of the universe delivering exactly what I needed and didn’t know I was looking for!!”

Dana LaVoie, LAc

Herbal Coach and Founder of Menopause Made Easy

"I joined She’s in Business because I love the all-in-one platform and the coaching and because I want to be part of something bigger than myself…for women by women…as I build my business."

Donna Lee Valente

Proprietor, Artist and Podcaster

"Amazing!!! Your training videos are fantastic!!!! Moved my course from Kajabi to SIB!!! Saving $$$ to make more $$ Everything you’re doing behind the scenes is world class too!!!"

Vonda Van Rooyen

Creator, Owner, Developer, Entrepreneur at The List Coach


Happy Client Testimonials

"Why am I here? Well, this is what I’ve been looking for hands down. Why specifically did I choose this program? I transferred everything over from Clickfunnels in a short amount of time. If that was not possible, I would not be here. This replaces that [Click Funnels] and email and project broadcast and I’m sure more. Thank you for this creation. I know there will be more success created, less stress for families, more income, and more community."

Laura Greshowak

Entrepreneur and Coach

"I feel so lucky to be a part of this company and group!!"

Mary Addison Yates

Certified Life Coach and Founder of Journey2Empowerment, LLC

"This product is THE BEST…period!!"

Stevi Smith

Digital Creator


Happy Client Testimonials

"It's been really really great. I love having so many features altogether and I came from Kajabi and I found it so similar but better because there are many more options, things that are right in place in one spot...A woman-owned company has my heart. As far as the support, in She's in Business, everybody's so kind and so helpful and willing to walk you through and figure things out and I love that."

Sarah Geer

Owner at Sarah Greer Fitness

"This program/platform is 100% worth every penny. You will be able to cancel so many individual companies [software], because they have it and then some!!!!!!! Love it!!!! ♥️"

Carole Mendoza

Leadership Performance Coach and Founder at IPD Coaching, LLC

"Your help has been invaluable this week thank you!! And to SIB for the office hours, amazing support!!!!"

Michelle de Beer

Founder and Consultant at Happy Heart Parenting


Happy Client Testimonials

"I think the [thing I like the] most is the no restrictions on the landing pages as I create multiple landing pages geared towards a certain audience. My favorite part is definitely the Facebook group and I love Thursday networking...I also love in the contact list you can see the last time you spoke with someone."

Natalie Guzman

Founder and CEO of NG Virtual Assistants


Happy Client Testimonials

"I don't even know where to start, and I'm not like other people to leave reviews or testimonials because it's never that important to me. But the experience that I've had this week needs to be shared with the whole world. Kate & Sara are total professionals and they're really good at what they do. It started with my first call with Kate and to be totally honest I had no idea what to expect. The 30 minute call turned into two hours on the phone. I'm crying because of how obvious she believed in me and what we could create together."

Mary Barnes
Life Coach


Happy Client Testimonials

"So when She's in Business popped up,I was like this can't be real because I got in on that very first Grassroots offer. And I was like no matter what happens here, I know that it's going to be more valuable than what I'm paying for. And here I am not even three months into it and I've learned so much and the support has been fantastic."

Katie Jordan

Founder of the Butterfly Tribe Blueprint


Happy VIP Video Client Testimonials

"Working with Kate was an absolute pleasure. She saved me and my team so much time. She's an incredible human. She's kind, compassionate, and isn't just hands-off as a videographer. If you are on the fence about hiring Kate, I highly recommend her. She's incredible and you will not be disappointed."

Rachel Pedersen

The "Queen of Social Media," Multi 2 Comma Club Award Winner

"Kate is an award-winning video producer, and she has been a partner for mine for years. I trust her with my clients, and she has been instrumental in creating strategy and producing video content to build brands in the affluent market."

Kelly O'Neil

Business Strategist & Founder of Marketing to Millionaires

"No one creates more premium, high-end video content. She's award-winning for a reason. Kate and her team always make me and my clients look like stars....

and that's usually my job!"

Brielle Cotterman

Publicity Expert & Celebrity Maker

Hi, I'm Kate.

CEO of She's in Business

I've had the privilege of providing video services for some of the most successful thought leaders, businesswomen, and global change-makers across the globe. I've also recently launch She's in Business, which is slated to be THE #1 resource hub, software, and community for women in business.

Video is the most powerful tool you can have in your business toolbox. However, like any other tool- it's all about how you use it.

We have a tried and true method for using video to leverage your expertise, position you as a thought leader, and solidify your personal brand empire.

If you're ready to take your business, your brand, and your legacy to the next level. I encourage you to apply to work with us.

Kate Schnetzer, MBA

Founder and CEO


Happy VIP Video Client Testimonials

"Film week will reveal things about yourself that you never knew. You're also given wild support, kindness, and you're being led by gracious experts. They're helping you, creating ease for you, and supporting you in ways that all of the sudden you've got the golden nugget. Then you get more golden nuggets until you're standing on gold. Film week is golden!"

Kim Woods

Spiritual Leader and Transformation Expert

"Film week was my very first time traveling since the Pandemic and it was well worth it! The team made me feel like family!"

Alison Woods

Children's Author &

Publishing House Founder

"They put me at ease, they asked me the smartest questions, and they were so organized and efficient. It really was an unforgettable experience."

Dr. Nancy Dome, Ph.D

Best-Selling Author & Founder of EPOCH Educations

"I stepped out of my comfort zone during filming and I had a blast! I was so nervous but they knew what to ask and how to get the most content."

Denise Pane

Web Design Agency Owner and

Accessibility Expert


Happy VIP Video Client Testimonials

"I've worked with a lot of marketing people and I've never worked with people who are this smart and this meticulous about what they're doing. I'm learning more from them than I've learned from anyone. At the same time they're making me feel super smart, super talented, and super confident. This is the best money you're going to spend."

Alyssa Dyver

TEDX Speaker, Director of the American Confidence Institute

"Kate was instrumental in helping our program in we wanted to achieve and gave us great advice and creative ideas that elevated our game."

Stefanie Schwartzler, RN

Co-Founder, Be1Support1

"Kate and her team made my experience so seamless. I didn't want to go home!"

Cecilia Gorman

Management Expert and Coach

"Kate brought my marketing to a whole other professional level. Her social media chops are stellar. And she is one of the smartest people I know."

Suzi Pond

Filmmaker + SAAS Company Founder

"They really know what they're doing and made me feel at ease on camera, made me look great, and helped move us through our video content efficiently."

Teri Dunn

Business Consultant & Motivational Speaker

"Kate is so fantastic. I HATE being on video! And she knows how to make me feel comfortable when the camera is pointed at me and running! She's awesome!"

Jeanie Budge

Business Strategist

"Kate is a rockstar and the hardest working woman in video. She is a master at storytelling and knows exactly how to bring out her clients' expertise on video. You cannot go wrong hiring her."

Chad Thibodeaux

CEO of Launch Fuel & Muti 2CC Award Winner

"Kate and her team made us feel relaxed and like the stars we know we are throughout our time filming with them.

I can't wait to work with them again."

Shiela Austin

Business Strategist & Wealth Expert


Happy Client Testimonials

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